When babies born, they are so pure love, innocent, happy, and full of confident beings they have their brilliance just as a shiny diamond. Babies are not worried about feeling their feelings they do it freely. Babies do not care what other people think or say about them.

Some babies having their shine for months or years but some not.  As you go through your life you learn behaviours, pick up habits, beliefs through you are the environment around you. This mostly means the behaviour and the surroundings where you were raised. So, through your life journey you picked up a certain behaviour, beliefs which can be from social, cultural and others those are going through generations where you were taught how to be what you should do and what should not, how you should look like and more……

So basically, you became a creation of those effects and more pushed down what you feel inside and who you are. It comes when you don’t live your own life whatever you want those around you try to discourage you fill you with fear just not to be yourself and don’t get out of their control. This leads that gorgeous baby who was so happy and have a shiny diamond of potential which covered by those limiting beliefs.

Ask yourself:

Am I happy?

Am I living my own life?

Do I enjoy what I do?

How do I feel about …….? (whatever the situation is)

So shiny diamond which is you no covered with limiting beliefs and lost the brilliance no self-confidence, self-esteem, feeling not enough, no voice, no power all that taken by someone who tries to shape your life.

People who have been raised you they want you the best in most case some does not want you to be you. It is about understanding that is you not your life, not your will.

There are that voice and feeling inside you which the way you feel can tell you that is not you. That inner voice that is your true authentic self who does not take it well and simply cannot be someone else.

So, take those labels off because it covers you the real you who you are the smart, talented, loveable, filled with full of self-confidence, has boundaries, and not scared to the best version and authentic self. Having the courage to change your life is empowering.

You were born to live your life to full potential and do what you love. Be the black sheep by doing the opposite and standing up for yourself and for who you are.

The black sheep is the person who does not need family acceptance to be themselves. The black sheep has so much freedom making their own choice in life without pleasing others furthermore the black sheep does not take nonsense or lies and not scared to address it.

The truth is all starts with you. The more you listen to your voice inside your gut, your authentic self the more you can master your life and be yourself. You only need yourself who is so excited to meet you finally discover who you truly are.

Those limiting beliefs just limit your potential and hold you back from a great life or achieving what you want.

When you take those limiting beliefs off, change the behaviour, and heal yourself it will be you and the precious opportunity to know yourself.

It is good to be the black sheep and do not be scared to get out any unhealthy situation.