When discussing ways to increase productivity, people often like to mention various measures like buying newer equipment, proper delegation, and more efficient scheduling. However, in order for any of them to work, the employees that are at the center of these efforts need to feel happy, satisfied and motivated to perform their work obligations. Fortunately, reaching this goal is often easier than it looks.

According to recent research published by Forbes, the vast majority of workers declared workspace alterations would improve their overall job satisfaction and motivation. So, let’s take a look at some of the improvements that have a positive effect on employees’ mental wellbeing.

Leverage the color psychology

It is common knowledge that different colors produce a different impact on the human psyche. Knowing which color to use for which purpose can prove to be quite a valuable asset. One way to group them is according to their warmth:

  • Warm colors They induce the feeling of warmth, passion, and comfort.
  • Cool colors – In most cases, cool colors produce the feeling of serenity.

The other way we can approach this problem is by breaking these groups by colors:

  • Yellow and orange Although they are associated with summer and fun, the colors yellow and orange can aggravate the employees, so they are not commonly used in interior design.
  • Red – The color that raises the pulse and produces the “fight or flight” response. 
  • Green and blue – Intellectual colors that induce feelings of calm, serenity and community.
  • Pink – Unorthodox choice, but the color that produces a very calming effect.
  • White – White creates a sense of cleanness but also causes eyestrain. 

Maximize natural light

Natural light has a lot of benefits, many of which make a fortunate couple with a work environment. For instance, a recent study indicates that workers who are exposed to natural light experience a drop in common medical issues like fatigue and headache up to 87 percent. From a purely psychological standpoint, natural light lifts the overall mood and increases productivity. So, do your best to expand the window space as much as possible, or even get a lovely garden office and connect with nature completely. While there, make sure the offices are properly vented.

Utilize different textures and materials

Much like colors, textures and materials used in your premises can inspire different feelings in your employees. Clean-cut materials and streamlined shapes speak the story of futurism and efficiency. More rustic elements feel much warmer and evoke a sense of community. Using these materials in the appropriate environments can go a great length helping the workers attain the currently necessary mental state. Of course, regardless of the setup, the furniture pieces need to be comfortable and ergonomic.

Pay attention to the exterior design

We have all heard stories about the strength of the first impression. Well, all of the previous efforts will produce a considerably weaker effect if the workers are immediately put off by the premise’s exterior. So, a good way to improve it would be to find a reliable crane hire company and do something creative with the façade. Inspiring colors, interesting murals or corporate colors are all workable solutions. What is important is to use the huge canvas that makes the façade of your building to send some positive message.

Take care of the landscaping

In its essence, the matter of landscaping is very similar to the issue you’ve encountered with the façade. You have a huge, unused space that, if properly utilized, can make your premises much livelier and inviting. What’s so good about landscaping is that this effect can be easily achieved even with something as simple as a well-maintained lawn, and sidewalk-edging flowers. Still, to achieve the strongest impression, you should try out more complicated tasks like pruning shrubs and hedges into shapes.

Break up space into different areas

Even if the workstations your employees are using are the prettiest and the most functional in the world, they are just that – workstations. When your workers feel bored or unmotivated, it would be very wise to allow them to continue with their work in some relaxed, preferably more social environment. This “zone breakdown” can be easily accomplished with different furniture, different layout, or different use of patterns and colors – or all of the proposed solutions at once.

Enforce the sense of symmetry

Finally, no matter whether we are talking about the exterior or the interior of your premises, it’s very important to retain the visual symmetry. Although asymmetrical shapes and slight irregularities create a very powerful visual impression (especially in the case of the clients and visitors), disturbing the equilibrium for too much can throw your employees off-balance and prove to be too distracting for a harmonious work environment. Therefore, whenever you use some jarring visual element, do your best to provide it with a counterbalance in one form or another.

We hope these few considerations will help you to turn your premises into one cohesive environment that will guide your employees on a journey outside in and allow them to experience positive emotions at every turn. Achieving any semblance of productivity is virtually impossible if your workers are not feeling happy, empowered and motivated. Do your best, then, to create them an environment where they will be allowed to thrive.