My baby grand daughter lives thousands of miles away from me but she is always in my heart. It’s interesting to notice how the very thought of her is simultaneously linked to a smile on my face.

Like her father when he was born, she reminds me how I am also being born again because of her presence in this world. Babies bring new perspective on our adult world views, emotions and attachments.

Relying now on technology to connect with my family thousands of miles away, I often wonder, with such high evolution of digital/electronic/ fiber optic resources, why do we not have the capacity to truly decipher the language of infants and babies.

When I became a mother at twenty seven, I knew without doubt that one little person was going to be the most important one in my life. What I did not realize then, was how in the process of learning to care, protect and make efforts to guide him, that I was also going to be changing, rearranging many aspects of my self because of my love for this new being in my world. In a sense, I was also born again.

As the years flowed by and my son grew up to be a man, now a father, I am in awe with endless gratitude for the privilege of being a part of his life. As a grandmother, I once again feel the pulsing sensation of also being born again, seeing the miracle in action that’s my granddaughter in this world.

Looking into her eyes, I am now reminded of that sweet, deep innocence and trust I previously saw in her father’s eyes. I am truly blessed again and again.

As she gazes at me with her solemn, unwavering eyes that suddenly blink as her face crinkles into smiles, my heart leaps, melting into an embrace as I fold and enclose her in my arms.

I have seen her four times since she was born almost a year ago. And each time when we first see each other, we lock gazes until she smiles, and I reach for her with an inexplicable joy.

In my life, children are a constant source of inspiration. They are miracles in motion.


  • Shameda Saffee

    Evolving with time.

    Grand Mother. Humanist. Writer. Mother. Teacher. Dancer. Born in the South. Lives in the North. Thinks in ways that reflect lived experiences. Learning more by doing rather than academic education. Looks at: Subtle exclusions in images, ideas and impressions. Hidden histories. The culture of childhood versus adulthood -how currently, this is not viewed with equity. Supports ecological drives. Ages and stages of awareness, changes, personal growth.