Calm and conscious

During this time, it can be a challenge to stay focused – even for the calmest and most conscious, there seems to be a constant stream of noise. 

On 26 February 2020, I commenced a 40-day social media detox for lent, a spiritual fast in the lead up to Easter. Different cultures and religions observe this fasting in different ways – Islam celebrate Eid and Judaism observe Yom Kippur – to determine if you are sealed in the good book for the year ahead on the day of Atonement and Vipassana, while not necessarily religious honour a period of silent meditation.

Those who have read my book, know that this is not the first time that I have sought silence from the noise – embarking on the camino (April 2016) to listen to my own inner voice.   Six for Santiago transpired – beyond what I had ever set out to achieve.

I have not really missed idly scrolling through insta and facebook posts – instead that has given me more space to read, feel the people that I miss or that I feel drawn to connect with, meditate and increase my yoga practice.

As I reflected on the week that has been: fraught with fear and uncertainty, I felt a sense of calm. 

Blessed to have visited so many places in the world – that in current global state are inaccessible, I knew that my journey of personal and business transformation had prepared me with everything that I needed to surmount the economic and health impacts that are real and likely to transpire over coming months as well as to help those around me.  And – it had everything to do with the sense of calm within, not stockpiling toilet paper (in fact, I have not once entered a shopping mall or grocery store in the past week)

or my bank balance.

At a certain point – I feel it was after the camino – I had realised how little I needed to be truly happy.  It seemed that there was no distinction between my wants and needs – a senses of oneness, not a question of self worth – for I still have a love of beautiful “things” and deluxe experiences – it was that I did not need them to fuel my inner bliss.  

“We all have fears – money, work, attachment however if we let these govern our lives, we never truly live – we only ever play it safe. “ 

Six for Santiago

I noticed this week – a midst messages of social distancing, hand hygiene and mask wearing – that I found myself on public transport reacting to or judging people who sneezed, coughed or showed signs of poor personal hygiene.  This was a powerful trigger to remind me that we are all pilgrims walking our path – now is the time where we can choose fear or love. I choose love and compassion every time.

“The beautiful thing about love – no matter how long it lasts, is that it teaches us something and that, when we move past the pain or suffering that it may cause, we have grown, and we can open our hearts, ready to love again.  That is living.  That is letting go of fear. “

Six for Santiago

As to the social media fast – this time has highlighted the need to connect socially – and if that is not in person, maybe social fills that gap for our business and personal needs.

Over the next three weeks, I am practicing social distancing, limited to seeing my immediate family – with a bag of Fiori organic coffee (locally roasted – although may sneak in a coffee run to my favourite Little Shop of Plenty), fresh local produce (including a fabulous supply of wine), walking, cycling and self-yoga practice (maybe even streaming yoga from Humming Puppy Sydney), my lap-top – working for a global organisation – from my Swan Valley lair.

Believe that you have everything that you need – beyond fear, there is freedom.

Stay healthy and follow your government’s guidelines.