Somebody must know how to do this.

My father was a physicist at GE. My mother was a nurse. Dad was world renowned for his research on blah blah blah. He invented blah blah blah. In other words, between my parents and school, I was trained in the scientific method. I was a scientist. I don’t think you can be a scientist and stop being one, but I don’t know for sure. I believe in science. 

When I started Miracle Swimming, my adults’ swim school, I had to do things that the world disapproved of and that made no sense to linear-thinking people. I don’t mean illegal or unethical things. They were mostly about creating money out of the blue, following my heart and trusting it would work out, listening to my intuition, and wanting very deeply; being certain; being on fire with conviction; seeing a way clearly.

The first wave of making me question the be-all and end-all of science happened in the 80s a few years after Miracle Swimming began. Miracle after miracle happened in my life. It wasn’t about teaching swimming. The teaching miracles could be explained by the 5 Circles and I had accepted those as predictable as long as I followed the system. But a system is science, and my old ‘science’ couldn’t explain those miracles. That didn’t bother me though. I didn’t really notice that something else was going on re: the teaching, even though it was.

What got me was that all the miracles that were happening in my life happened so fast (over a year or two) and so consistently and so opposite to the way I was taught to expect things would unfold according to the way the world thinks, that as a scientist, I had to seriously consider the evidence: “Which is true– the way I was taught things work, or the way I’m seeing things work?” 

The events were so overwhelming and nonstop that there was only one conclusion I could draw: this is the way it works. If I do X, Y will happen. I could not be a responsible scientist and conclude otherwise. 

As I was making that determination, another question came: is it a good idea to make this leap to seeing and accepting life differently than I thought it was? 

And the answer came quickly: Yes. Spare yourself the details. This is simple, it makes sense to part of you, and it feels better. It feels truer, even though people you love don’t see it the same way and may never understand. But you have to live and steer your own life. 

So, I made the leap. It was not hard. It was my natural next step in the organic process of learning. 

My uncle, the economist and scientist (all my father’s brothers were scientists), asked me one time to explain how I made the leap. I didn’t have the words. I explained it for the first time above. I need to tell him.

Then, there was a second wave of experiences that took me deeper and more resolutely into this other realm of thinking. It was at a time when I had no other place to turn. It was not easy. In fact, it was terrifying.

In the course of running a biz, I always had expenses and income. On one particular occasion, it was Sunday and I had $3k due by the end of the week. I had no prospects of receiving it as far as the world’s thinking would say. Yet not paying it was not an option for me. It was due. I could not ask for a loan from anyone. I had worn that one out. I could not go to the bank. I had tried that, and they would not lend to me because I hadn’t borrowed and paid back before. 

I had to find out what people do when they are out of money and then they’re successful creating it. So, I read a few books. Actually, I had already read them, so I knew what option was available to me and I knew it was time to exercise it. You’d only exercise this option if you were at the end of your rope: it’s that scary. In order to make it work, I was going to have to call up all my knowledge about how to overcome fear. Me, the one who teaches people how to overcome fear for a living. Without that, I would not have made it. I would have imploded with fear, which would have caused it to fail.

So, I read the book that told me exactly how creating money works, and I threw out the parts I didn’t like which didn’t seem relevant and took the kernels that were the keys. I didn’t know at the time I was doing that, but I do now. 

I was absolutely certain that the keys were true. Using them meant trusting at a new very, very high level. 

I followed the steps, which were like this: write the checks and mail them. As you write them, know unequivocally that they are covered. 

I did that. I mailed them Monday. I felt safe. 

Calm Nervous Scared Terrified Panicked

This diagram is what got me through.

Monday night or Tuesday morning, I started to rattle—vibrate—be afraid. What if the checks were received Tuesday and deposited? They were going to addresses far away, so they probably wouldn’t be received Tuesday. But what if??  I went back to my book and read the pages that calmed me down about how it all works. I knew it had to be correct. I fully believed it. I was back in the 1st Circle about it. My fear disappeared again. I was calm, safe, and secure. That got me through Tuesday. 

Wednesday morning, I got a call from one of my board of advisors. She said she was sending me $1100 out of the blue for no reason other than that she wanted to support me. I was taking someone to Cozumel for a week of scuba diving the following Sunday because it felt like the right thing to do for her, even though obviously I wasn’t going to make any money on it. My advisor, a Miracle Swimming grad, knew this. The cost of the trip for me was $1100 which I had already paid.

That was $1100 of the 3K. 

I marveled. Where had that come from? How did it happen? Was the info in my book proving itself?

Wednesday night I started rattling again. Either that day or Thursday, surely the checks would have arrived or would arrive at their destinations. I didn’t have the money in my account. I went back to my book and read the pages again that had the info I recognized as truth. I got back into the 1st Circle. I was calm, safe, and secure. I knew I was okay. 

I don’t remember what other money came in that week. But all of my checks were covered. The whole $3K came in on time. 

My part was to follow the system: to use the rules and keep myself in the 1st Circle. 

Many times, I have used this because I’ve been faced with the same situation: a $10K or $6K credit card bill, many times without the apparent funds in my account to pay the bill, plus others, plus payroll. It takes energy to get through these times, but less so, because I’m learning. I stopped having to read the book.

This second wave of experience, namely the one of creating money out of the blue, put me firmly and irrevocably in the other realm. From there, I’ve sought out more of how it works and what it teaches. 

This is how I got to where I am: two feet in the spiritual world, one in the scientific!

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