One of the inhibitors of our experience of who we are, true Self, is our tendency to identify with aspects of being, identities. Internal Family Systems would call these “parts.” Transactional Analysis calls them ego states.

It’s like that story of the eagle raised by ducks who thinks she’s a duck.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know how important DAILY practice is for WILD transformations. I’m not asking any of you to do anything I don’t do.

Recently people have been asking me about practice related to politics – this is ONE example of how I’m working with it.

THIS morning, in my practice, I decided to work with my disgust with the hypocrisy of some politicians. Hardly wholeness of being, right? To make this even more personal, I focused my attention on one Senator in particular. This would allow me to activate all the nasty bits.

I chose to unlayer from limited identities or parts that hold me to this tension, my disgust. I used the Integra protocol. It’s super reliable for unraveling from identities and identification. I could just as easily worked with this as shadow material.

What’s cool about identity work is how it has the potential to leave us in a state of being that monks and mediators seek for decades or lifetimes. We begin with how we feel about the issue and almost effortlessly move through and release layers of contents.

For me, this meant diving into allowing myself to feel and exaggerate the feeling of disgust. AAIT practitioners will recognize how I found and flowed in this slipstream of consciousness. For the rest of us, just notice how a chain of psychological content, when navigated in a strategic way can both alleviate suffering and reveal higher states of consciousness.

So, first, disgust.

Holier than thou


Revulsion and disappointment


Create nirvana

Shocked awareness, that’ll never happen


See the bright wondrous beauty of the world

State of complete empty consciousness – vibrant Nothingness

Awareness of Self without identity

Awareness that the awareness I am is the same awareness that is the Senator.

I am truly, deeply, forever grateful that what I’ve learned from my teachers can not only be used to help my clients but can evolve my own being.