Keeping calm in the midst of frenzied madness is enough to create anxiety and keep you in that state. One of the reasons we feel that way when we’re trying to control a hectic, busy juggling act is we feel out of control! Ironic but manageable.

If you understand that CONTROL is one of the issues, you can step back for a moment, take stock of what’s creating that state of panic or anxiety and categorize the details.

Is it that there’s too much to do and not enough time? Then TIME is the thing you have to control.

Is it a task that’s so herculean that you’re paralyzed by the sheer nature of it and don’t know where to start? Then ORGANIZATION may be the thing you have to control.

Is it another person and an interaction with them that you’re trying to manage? Then your DESIRED OUTCOME is the focus of where you need to look at your control center.

With each one of these scenarios, taking a step back, getting a little distance, taking a DEEP BREATH and breaking it down is the greatest way to manage the frenetic feeling and overwhelming emotions that are blocking you from simply getting it done. Just knowing you’re in control and can manage any situation you’re confronted with will empower you to set up the structure to achieve your goals. That, the space of perspective, sitting back and making sense of what’s creating that anxiety, a few good deep breaths, and a strategy to tackle each piece one-by-one, is the antidote to most situations.

Have you tried this? Can you simplify the process for yourself and see yourself in control so you can manage the situation at hand?

Reinventing Your Life comes in all shapes and sizes and my advice is to incorporate this thinking and approach into your day to day process. This could be your greatest Reinvention if you’re willing to understand how to control most facets of your life, empower yourself with the power you possess and tackling anything life throws at you or you care to embrace.

Go ahead, Reinvent Your Life! What are you waiting for?

Enjoy and #HappyReinventing!

Kathi Sharpe-Ross –

Chief Reinventor/

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