Success is not a dirty word for the hardworking individuals of each network marketing family. These “franchises in disguise” really do change lives for the better, and it’s a great honor to engage with other marketing partners as their lives and businesses open up to new-found connections, confidence, and wealth.

Simply put, network marketing changes lives. Here’s how.

1. Network marketing empowers women more than men

Nothing is more powerful than confidently generating sustainable income. Network marketing empowers workers–women at 73.5% to men at 26.5%–with the freedom and independence they need to beat the “cubicle life” so many try to escape. There is no better way to close the wage gap than by giving female professionals the entire toolbox to compete and succeed–no matter what. Networks blossom based on their personnel, and network marketing offers this long-needed shift in business.

2. Network marketing empowers couples

Growing rich together isn’t what it’s all about. In fact, partners who are only focused on wealth and financial growth will often miss the larger picture of working together. Couples who benefit from the expansive world of network marketing, however, are enabled to support one another in deeper and richer ways. The personal connections that grow within couples who work this way not only build a marriage but experience greater entrepreneurial success.

3. There are limitless returns

The connections one makes while building a powerful network are unparalleled when it comes to real, lasting relationships. A network isn’t just a way to make money or build a personal company, but a way to bring power and reciprocal wealth to friends, family, and partners who are just as eager to grow. Offering valuable products as part of the company can also be its own reward–not just to the founding members, but within the network as well. The returns of a robust network are limitless and life-long for the right balance of professionals looking to build a brand of their own.

4. Confidence and success are exponential

Network marketing constantly instills confidence and breeds success for everyone involved; from the newest investors to the 80-plus-hours-a-week founders. As advanced levels of influence within a network are achieved, sales follow. The wheels-within-wheels character of a network bring in new and exciting angles for the network and create their own momentum while spurring personal and company-wide success.

5. Communities benefit

“Paying it forward” is at the heart of every worthwhile network marketing family. This reality engages the community in endless ways that double-back success both financially and to the network at-large. This kind of leveled business enlivens the community in ways that are unique to each company and office, and can create fundraisers, non-profits, charities, disaster relief causes, and scholarships that take care of the whole community. Just as there are many parts to the whole, there are many opportunities to advance the community and establish new realities for each smaller network involved.

As each connection is made, the network works to benefit the whole of the company–not just those at the top or founding members. What may start as a “side hustle” for initial investors can become a worthwhile and constant success for those truly committed to a lasting business. This is how the economy and market has always been–investors and workers lifting each neighborhood and community to higher standards and more beneficial realities, and paving better roads to the future.

Photo by Unsplash