Feeling angry is a normal human reaction. It is essential to give it away, but in a way that is not destructive for you and others. And here’s how you can do it. When we condemn ourselves for anger, it doubles the irritation and makes the situation worse. Experts advise admitting unpleasant feelings and try to find the cause of aggression. Perhaps a colleague who did not notice you when they met was feeling bad, and a loved one was late for a date because he unexpectedly got into a traffic jam, and not because he neglected your time. If anger is the result of actions that threaten your well-being, then knowing this will help protect yourself. Everyone deals with stress and anger in their own way. Some people watch sad movies to cry, while others play computer games like Mesa Prime Build. You can chat with your girlfriends or choose Tiefling names to distract yourself. But will it help to express emotions? Psychologists have developed simple techniques for dealing with negative feelings.


The easiest and quickest way to calm down is to even out your breathing. The brain does not know how to disconnect from strong emotions immediately. So you need to help it pause with the help of breathing exercises. Try taking a few deep breaths in and out, trying to breathe through your belly. Measured breathing allows you to get rid of unpleasant emotions and tune in to a calm, relaxed state.

Shout out

Screaming is a natural biological mechanism that allows you to throw out negative emotions and reduce tension. You can cry in the car or at home. Do it loud, at the top of your voice, or into your pillow. Try watching a sports match and cheering. Or scream to the music — Recent research shows that heavy metal, punk, and hard rock can soothe and neutralize anger and bad moods. Be prepared for the fact that after yelling, the reaction may change to uncontrollable laughter.

Allow yourself to be physically released.

For example, beat your pillow. Fists, feet, tennis racket – whatever you like. You can get yourself a special durable “whipping pillow” – old cushions work well for this. If possible, take five minutes to exercise or dance. A short easy exercise can help relieve stress, calm down and improve your mood.

Another helpful way to deal with anger is to clean up. Use the energy of aggression to clean windows, disassemble cabinets, or move furniture. If you want to destroy more than to put things in order, use a service where you can smash dishes, hooligan, and smash equipment and furniture to pieces..

Be open about your desires and grievances.

We often avoid unpleasant conversations to the last for fear of offending the interlocutor, worsening the situation. But the accumulated negative emotions and unspoken desires do not go anywhere. In this state, a minor excuse can provoke an outbreak of anger.

Try to talk directly to others about your condition. Close and loved ones, friends, colleagues may not realize that you do not have enough of their attention, feel offended and forgotten.

When deciding on a conversation, try to avoid accusations and criticism. You may need to apply one of the previous methods first or even try them all. The best way to use “I-Messages” is to talk about your feelings in the first person. Then you can calmly explain what hurt or angered you. Ask the interlocutor to explain his position – probably together, you can understand the situation and find a solution.

Write a letter

Psychologists believe that it is helpful to express anger and resentment on paper or in a computer file – this is another way to throw out what has accumulated inside. Try writing a letter to someone who made you angry or offended. No need to focus on writing coherent, beautiful text: write whatever you think and feel. Then the file can be deleted, and the paper letter can be ripped or burned. Or, if you want, edit the text and send it to the addressee.