Hello Arianna,   It was really nice to read your thoughts “I’m About to Turn 70 — and Here’s What I’ve Learned: On My Mind” and it is very kind of you to share them with us. Thank you very much. I also cleaned my house- it looks like we all do this when things go wrong, maybe because we hope to regain our old order of things. My daughters (8 and 10) were at home and I spend four hours a day for lessons. It was a wonderful time we used to work together and the big one rewarded me with first place at Kanguru mathematic.  I felt like it was very worthwhile for me to stay with them. We were all affected by all news we’ve heard and we spend our remaining time painting. I think that COVID was a rewarding pause I have done, a rewarding STOP-THINK-ACT moment I could afford. ( Picture – Eifel Turm, coloring picture done from my small daughter).


  • Corina Ross

    Ph.D. Textile Engineer

    Ross Consulting & Solutions

    First of all, I was shy and I thought that I cannot freely contribute to Thrive Global, knowing Arriana Huffington charming, wise and deep English. Afterward, I thought, whatever I had never lived or learned in an English speaking land, I had passed one TOEFL to achieve one scholarship in Germany and whatever I am engineer, I can still try to share my ideas with you. Reading your Contributor onboarding guide  I thought that I fit your community. I opened my business with the idea to enlarge my spirituality, meaning to stop driving 100 km/day to the job and back, to stop endlessly risk my life and solve all my important housework on Sunday. The average of women in the industry is 2%, and fairest employers don't go over 10% percent. The women that had opened firms in engineering can be counted on the fingers all over the world. Statistically speaking, my firm doesn't have any chance. In any case, I continue to develop my spirituality, to work on new projects, to believe in the sustainability and the future of textiles, and of my consulting firm.