With the development of online engagement, the influence of fashion on our lives (and thoughts as well) is only growing. It has become almost impossible to ignore trends and tendencies: favorite bloggers talk about the best online clothing stores, brands present colorful advertising campaigns. Therefore, today we will talk about how our sense of self changes depending on the clothes we choose and why this happens.

Why has the topic of fashion and style become so relevant? The reason lies on the surface: we love to feel good, and how we look greatly influences that feeling. Beautifully dressed people invariably attract the attention of those around them, and as a result, we feel that they are successful, confident, and happy. And sometimes, it is true.

Fashion as a method of psychotherapy

In psychotherapy, fashionable and beautiful clothes serve as one of the methods for women’s rehabilitation after stress, depression, and other emotional disorders. One of the clinics in San Francisco conducted an interesting experiment. They invited stylists and makeup artists to the patients, who gave consultations, dressed girls, did their makeup and hairstyles. All the girls who participated in the experiment went on the mend faster. Because oа social influence if women have interest in her appearance, then gradually there will be an interest in other areas of life.

This tactic also works in everyday life. After all, we all experience stress, loss of strength, bad mood, and bouts of self-doubt. Women want to look good, make the right impression, but not everyone knows how to achieve this. Let’s figure it out!

Positive acceptance of your appearance is the foundation of a great wardrobe.

Many girls focus on using clothes to hide their (often imaginary) flaws. But this issue is best approached from the point of view of positive psychology and focuses on the merits. Show beautiful legs, chest, or back. But remember Coco Chanel’s “golden rule” – focus on one thing. And remember thу main rule. You should feel happy and satisfied with your appearance. 

But there is a more common problem – when girls believe that there is nothing beautiful about them. In these cases, it is difficult for them to find clothes. When they get into the store, they get lost and leave without buying anything or even trying it on. This shows deep self-doubt, low self-esteem, and possible depression. In the latter case, do not be afraid to seek help from a psychologist.

How to organize a successful shopping

Take a friend you trust for shopping. Do not be afraid to measure things that are unusual for you. But buy only the clothes that you really like. Try not to copy images. It’s okay to take ideas from Instagram, but remember that mindlessly copying someone else’s outfit can be a fashion disaster. You can admire bloggers with an audience of thousands as much as you want, but their outfits may not suit you because of a different body type or a color that is not suitable for you. And that is okay!

Best of all, take a few selected items to the fitting room. Try on and carefully examine yourself in the mirror – even before the store closes. For example, you have chosen a beautiful, perfectly fitting skirt and have already fallen in love with your reflection, but you do not know what to wear it with – ask a friend or a shop assistant for help. Or postpone the purchase and return home, carefully examine the wardrobe, choosing the top that matches the skirt.

The rule of relevance and sense of self

An important point – you should like the clothes. It is much more pleasant to train in the gym when you are wearing not just comfortable stretched leggings but cool leggings of your favorite emerald color. Home clothes are not a dressing gown or things from the “sorry to throw away” category. Look for comfortable jeans, simple white and black T-shirts, and casual jumpers for your home.

Psychologists are not without reason that the clothes you put on in the morning set the mood for the whole day.

Individual style bet

You shouldn’t be led by fashion. If the style of the 90s is relevant this season, but you do not like sportswear at all, and grunge looks cause tachycardia, try to find a few details that you can include in your everyday look. It will make you feel comfortable and at the same time show that you are up to date with the latest trends.

The main thing is to understand what kind of things you like. “Trendy” is not equal to “you like.” The looks of others are attracted by inner confidence. When people feel that you like the way you look, they will automatically follow your example.

Clothes should help you be yourself. Never infringe on the manifestations of your personality. Clothes are obliged to emphasize it.