Staying motivated and keeping your morale high at your workplace is becoming more tedious day by day. It takes just one negative thought to ruin your mood and make you lose your concentration. Keeping yourself and people under you motivated is the secret to success. Everyone does not land on their dream jobs; many have to take the backup plan. But crying about your dissatisfaction with your job or constant cribbing showing your dislike towards your work will not help. The thing that can earn you some satisfaction is by trying again for your passion. Join some courses that can help you with your desired job or in cases where the opportunity is lost, learn to move on.

There is an everyday routine that runs in our mind and any disruption to the series of events that are planned leads to divert our thought process. Everyone copes with routine as they can. Someone pampers themselves shopping in luxury shops like Salon Privé, and someone throws everything and travels on a trip. Sometimes when you are not able to meet targets or comply with the instructions given, it is natural that you tend to question your ability. One thing leads to another and the process by default lowers our morale and our enthusiasm level drops drastically.

After a lot of research and brainstorming, we have managed to pen down some easy ways that help us stay motivated. 


Once you get up in the morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you will give your best. Be committed to giving your best. Mere making the decision of doing something gives you the power to do it. It improves the self-respect and motivation level accelerates.

This is simple isn’t it, all you need is to make a firm decision and be focused on your work. So ensure that you follow what you pledge. This is one of the reasons established by Forbes.


Write down the things you want to do and the levels you want to achieve. Do it either with pen and paper or use your tablets or phone. Plan your work basis the benchmark you have set for yourself. If you believe that your ways of working are fine then go with it. Believe in yourself and in hours of stress remember the benchmark you have set for yourself. So start giving your health the same importance as you give your goals. Do a minimum of 20 minutes workout, this will not just keep you fit and good looking but also help your mind by increasing concentration.


There are many of us who work nonstop for hours but do not get the desired result. The human brain tends to lose effectiveness and concentration when it is working at a stretch. Take a break, breathe some fresh air, speak to your co-workers and laugh to distress your mind, and gain some fresh insights.


Often people who are struggling tend to criticize and blame themselves for doing everything wrong. This is the main reason that people lose their motivation and start seeking alternatives or better call it ways to escape from their goal. Be nice to yourself and concentrate on your strength. It is not right to judge yourself in the middle of the journey. What you think is wrong could be right and vice-versa.


This is a practice that our parents have used and most of the time it brought good results. They used to bring our favorite toys in nicely packed square gift boxes. It doubled our excitement of achievements back then and motivated us to achieve bigger and better. Only a happy and motivated individual qualifies for success. So treat yourself with your favorite goodies on every achievement and make ways for new treats for yourself.


Happiness and enthusiasm come from a healthy mind and body, so far we have been talking about keeping our mind at peace but certainly, we cannot ignore physical well-being. If you are not convinced then ask yourself: can you work towards your goal when a part of your body is in pain? Can you make the best strategies and management decisions when your head is heavy and you have got the flu? Well, no one can.

So start giving your health the same importance as you give your goals. Do a minimum of 20 minutes workout, this will not just keep you fit and good looking but also help your mind by increasing concentration.


Has it ever been that you are working on something and not getting results? If yes then pat your back that you are an absolutely normal person. I know it is not funny, but usually, this happens when we are trying a process of rectification without entirely knowing the problem. For instance, if you are trying to post an article but it is not getting approved. You have checked the content multiple times but could not find any grammatical error yet the approval is pending. Well, the problem is not grammar in your article, it is the topic. Maybe your research is not deep and many facts quoted are not entirely true.

Most of us lose our cool at such times, we start playing the blame game without thoroughly understanding the problem. All required is to do a deep analysis with a calm mind and you will catch the flaw and rectify it.


There are many aspects that are way beyond our control like natural calamities or system error at the time of presentation. So stressing about such issues can do no good to anyone and certainly not to you. Even in such a situation if you are motivated and look for possible solutions without losing your confidence, there is no way that you will achieve your goals.


Making mistakes is a sign that you are experimenting and taking new initiates. This also shows that you are learning. So it is fine to make mistakes but what is important is to take ownership and know your mistakes to work towards improvement. There is no reason to be disheartened, just try and not repeat it in the future. Do not let it spoil your confidence.


The workplace does not need to be dull and boring. Research revealed that employee’s productivity and quality are hampered when employers over-monitorize people and the work environment is uninteresting. So get some colors to the office. Organize recreational activities or suggest them to the management. Talk to your co-workers and spend some non-working hours with them. This helps you find how you rank among your peers.

Motivation is a force that drives many people to their passion. If you get disheartened easily try the above tips to regain the lost confidence and get yourself working towards your passion.