At one point or another, you must have heard of intuitive eating, and it’s actually quite common. But have you ever heard of exercising intuitively? In fact, do you know that it exists? Well, it does! You see, training intuitively basically means exercising based on what you are feeling at the moment. You could be impulsive, less-structured and happier, which means that you will be more comfortable and in control during the workout – and let’s face it, workouts are no fun, so you must be in control of your emotions the entire time.

After all when you are tired and probably sleepy, it will be impossible for you to workout – that’s a fact. I mean you won’t push yourself as it should, and you might easily injure yourself you know. So, you need to have a workout plan for intuitive training. With that in mind, here are the best tips on how to plan your intuitive exercises:

Start when you are ready – the very first thing that you should know about workouts is that you got to be ready and feeling it. Let’s say that you got a negative experience the last time you exercised. Chances are that you won’t be as excited to train again, right? So, you will really need to work through a few barriers before you pick it up again. Basically, what I am saying is that if there are any issues that may be hindering you from excising, you have to deal with them first, to ensure that you are completely ready for what might happen. The clearer your mind is, the better the workout will be.

Focus on how it feels – when exercising, you need to focus on how the exercises feel rather than counting, or tallying steps on calories on a Fitbit. Paying attention is like cross-fit for your intuition, which not only keeps you alert, but also keeps you motivated, energized, and less stressed. As humans, when we maintain positive feelings from a certain activity that we are doing, we tend to want to continue. And when we feel exhausted or depleted, it’s the body communicating to you, and certainly need to rest and restore the energy used. Basically, connect with your body during workouts – that’s all that matters.

Come up with an intuitive exercise plan – are you a busy individual but would like to work out? If so, then you need to come up with an intuitive exercise plan. Of course, many of us lead busy lives – that’s a fact – but working-out is also important, which is why it is crucial that we set time for it. Now, when creating the plan, you will need to pick the time that you are sure you will consistently be available, and make sure that you honor that schedule, just like you do any other appointments.

Make it enjoyable – past studies have proven that focusing on the pleasure aspect of your exercises would most certainly play a crucial role in sustaining the workout consistently. Think about this, what if, instead of focusing more on your fitness targets, intensity, or duration of the workout, how about you focus on the enjoyment that you are getting from the activity? This will not only help you to find the specific exercises that work for you, but it will also help you to keep you motivated. Now, to make the workout more entertaining, consider the following:

  • Select the activity that you enjoy, regardless of what it may be. It could be a team sport, restorative yoga, a walk-in nature, spin class, or even a bike ride – whichever it is, just make sure that you enjoy it.
  • Mix it up, whereby you purpose to complete a variety of activities over a certain period of time, which eliminates boredom in the activities.
  • Put on your headphones and listen to your favourite music while exercising. It will be fun.

Final word

Intuitive exercises shift your mind from focusing too much on what you are doing, and more on how your body feels when exercising. By doing this, you start to gain several benefits, one being more alert and motivated when working out. So, the next time you want to exercise, you need to try this, folks!