Self healing is like a gift that is given to humans. It happens only at times when a human is entirely relaxed and at peace. Rejuvenation, replenishment and healing come to us in times of dire need. A body is designed to heal and rejuvenate in times of suffering, pain and illnesses. But the body must be rested for that.

Yoga is one such practice that aggravates the entire process of healing with its intricate ways of working. Yoga does this by regulating Prana throughout the different parts of your body. Prana (or breath is seen as the life-force of human beings. Prana helps in healing, by reaching to the farthest tips of your body part, and yoga helps Prana get to these tips.

If you have practiced yoga in your daily life, you may be well-aware of the life-altering benefits of this practice. By knowing these benefits, you may have wanted to share this knowledge with the people around you. However to be a good yoga practitioner, from whom people can learn, you must take a yoga teacher training to certify your knowledge in yoga.

Since India is Yoga’s place of origin, you must consider a yoga teacher training in India. Rishikesh, which is the world yoga hub located in India, conducts these yoga retreats where one can gain 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Self healing is a part and process of yoga

When the ancient yogis in India came about to devise a way to reach the inner realms of human existence, a realm that was beyond human knowledge, personality, behavior and understanding; they devised what we know today as Yoga. These yogis realized that as they conducted the practices of yoga, they were able to reach a higher connection with their spiritual selves. And in reaching this spiritual self, their physical bodies were becoming stronger, indestructible, afar from all kinds of illnesses that they could notice in the people around them.

The process of healing and rejuvenation came about with the state of being a yogi. Practicing yoga every day brings your body to a state of continued rest. The physical and the mental being were rested and healthy and able to carry out many functions in this rested state.

Even today, the knowledge and the findings of these ancient yogis hold true. This is why millions are known to adopt the practices of yoga for a better health with each passing year.

If your body experiences pain, and illnesses, it is a way for your body to tell you that it needs help. One must pay close attention to these signs.

Listen to your body for these signs

Because this is how the body speaks to you. Be patient in understanding that there may be more than one ailment ailing your body at a time.

The key is to listen carefully and heal holly. When we are going through illnesses and these signs, we tend to distract our minds away from it, not being able to ace these problems. One must listen carefully and devote time to completely healing these problems from their roots. It is only when a cause is healed in its entirety that it adds to the wholesome healing of the self.

Yoga takes care of healing all these aspects and brings to your eyes and notice, the time you must devote to the self. It is not easy to do this, which is why it is called a “practice”. You must “practice” yoga everyday in order to heal every day.

The parasympathetic nervous system and its relation with healing

It is known that the parasympathetic nervous system that helps the functioning of the healing mechanism in one’s body.  It is this nervous system that is responsible for the flight or fight response. This response is capable of surging tremendous amounts of energy throughout the body that establishes healing in a body function.

Yoga is a way to keep this parasympathetic nervous system under control, so that you can provide your body with energy as and when you need.

Yoga is a holistic practice, which is in my consideration, the best way to start the process of self-healing in one’s body. Whether you are physically, mentally or psychologically ailed, practicing yoga everyday helps you start with the intricate process of self-healing.  So why wait when you can enter into the yogic journey of self-healing!