Strange things are happening to humankind, the way we look at things, dates back – are not precisely remained the same.

Technology is a virus, firstly you don’t feel it but slowly and eventually it captures your mind and lives.

The soft toy gadget in the corner of your bedroom can laugh maniacally and sends a recording of your pillow talk to a colleague. Day by day, technology is evolving, it’s getting out of control, even the creators can not predict how the Earth looks like if the growth of machines doesn’t stop.

Unpredictable things happen daily, robots have taken more control over our everyday lives, but these technologies are not neutral facilitators. The virus which social media is spreading is way beyond one’s power and imagination. Youtube shows like Peppa Pig, fascinates kids and actively shapes their everyday lives.

The undoubtedly raise in technology, science, society, politics and education and commerce are not merely judging our capabilities to do things but controlling our lives, for better and worse. The virus which technology is spreading is the most bizarre and complex opacity of the systems we encounter every day and have become the global issues of inequality, violence, populism and fundamentalism.

How can we save our life from being affected by the technology virus?

If you are thinking of getting the best online antivirus for life, then it might be a quite good idea, but you also need Enlightenment of understanding and growing inner peace. Spending the entire day watching TV, playing on X-box and building conspiracy theories just only disturb or divert you from life goals. To understand what is happening with us, it’s necessary to understand how our technologies have come to be and how can we gain peach and faith in them.

The Best Life-Changing Technologies Given to Mankind

From flying vehicles to self-driving cars, Google’s calendar services to Robot assistants the virus of technology is flourishing and changing the world in the process.

Voice Assistant:  The Future of Communication

Voice assistants device so far making a valuable impact across the globe.

As per the reports, many households are expected to own a voice assistant device named Amazone Echo or Google Home to do their daily tasks. All Thanks to the capability of artificial intelligence (AI), voice assistants will grow increasingly helpful.

Robot Assistants:

From serving the food at restaurants to doing household stuff, teaching the students to fight in the battleground, robots are successfully proven an immense technology that operates effectively in the real world. Companies like Boston Dynamics and Knightscope manufacture some of the best Robots with extraordinary features. Few of their robots can also detect suspicious networks that may be operated by hackers.

Driverless Vehicles:

The big automaker’s companies like Tesla, Volvo and General Motors has already stepped into the autonomous world of self-driving vehicles. Also, General Motors announced to launch a pedal and steering wheel vehicle by 2019.

Additionally, Uber is all set to launch its plush pilotless flying vehicles and has teamed up with NASA to develop an air-traffic-control system. By 2020, the world would hit by the big and incredible virus of automobiles.


There was a time when the wave of Bitcoins fitted the world, merely cost  $19,000 per coin but declined hastily. Though, a single currency is still worth thousands of dollars.

Cryptocurriences virus may be still controversial today.

Enriching medicine

Though it may sound like science fiction, the doctors have successfully claimed to regenerate the body parts, for this, doctors scrape cells from body parts, put them into a petri dish. And, in time, the body part grows strong enough that it can be implanted inside the patient. If coming years, this new regenerative medicine technology will become increasingly mainstream, providing patients with lifesaving organ replacements.

Indeed, it’s just a matter of time before that happens.