Do you realize your life has always been in a constant state of transformation?

By ENOLIA, Author, International Speaker, Modern Day Medicine Woman

As we look throughout history, life’s journey has always been transforming. With every discovery made and every invention embraced, our lives have changed.  From the invention of transportation systems such as the automobile, trains or ships, to homes and electricity to name a few, life’s most significant changes were where history has impacted societies to revolutionize their quality of life from one moment to the next.

Significant events elevate the consciousness of the journey.  Knowledge, people, inventions, and discoveries alter and elevate life’s journey to a new level.  We as humans, despite doubts, survived by adapting alongside these significant encounters.

How is transformation working within you?

The journey is much more extraordinary than we can comprehend.  Everything has been impacted.  We are in the midst of a different way we relate to life. The way we view and cultivate every relationship has changed.  Our relationship with each other, our relationship to nature, to the collective, to this world and most of all, our relationship to self.  How we once embraced our past relationships is not the same as today. A shift in life has taken place and it has changed everything. 

How is transformation speaking with your soul?

What sustains us to survive and thrive are our core values sacred to life. However, when you reflect on how you normally comprehend what has shifted? What has become your new purpose in life? How has the world changed how you approach life, the decisions you make, the questions you ask yourself?  This time that we are in, is another shift, as we have known, life has always been a journey. 

Living the mystical truth and letting go of the illusion that we are separate

A human being is a system.  You would never ask the heart to work without the rest of the body.  The heart is part of a greater system.  Although every organ in our body is sovereign, it works in unity. Imagine if your body did not respond as a single life force?

Be fully engaged in this life’s journey of transformation. 

Look at how we are now interpreting our challenges. How will this history be written?  How will you be remembered? How do you choose to see life? What would be the impact if we faced life as a collective instead of an individual?  Think about it. Each of us is sovereign but we need to work together as a single force. 

It’s happening now and we are definitely seeing the beginning

There is no turning back from the human experience – we must become a more conscious unified species.  Understanding what motivates and causes me to make the decisions I do, what I do to benefit the quality of life for myself and others is part of our self-awakening. Transformation is considering anew what is the purpose of life.  

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