Spiritual Love?

Soul Tie?

Infinite Energy?

Perhaps one of the biggest lessons I learned in the past was I believed love was finding the right person.

In reality, love is really about becoming the right person.

My spiritual approach to life had nothing to do with being nice.

It had everything to do with being real and authentic, honoring and respecting my space first, then others second.

In this space called SELF CARE, being nice just happened and it flowed. I chose to no longer be motivated by fear but embrace the true essence of love within my spiritual being.

You are never a day early or a day late to be the person you truly are meant.

Be the love you never received.

Be the voice that was never heard.

All of a sudden life starts working for you…

Life is fueled by the future, built by the past to just arrive in the present.

START enjoying the spirit skin your in today!

The Self Care Queen ❤