Strange the thoughts you have in the middle of the night.

I awoke from a strange dream regarding a situation in my life – no matter how much energy I put into it (the medicine), nothing changed. If anything, it got worse. Then the dream showed me that the situation was dead and there was nothing I could do about it besides pronounce it so, say thank you and let it go. As painful and frustrating as it was.

When do we pronounce death on any situation? How do we know it is over, done, complete?

My lesson here was that I held on because I thought I could change it, fix it, make it right. Ah, the optimist and the ego. Yet, the moment I realised (at least consciously) that there was no longer any life in the context, I had to acknowledge I could not control or change what was. As much as it grieved, angered and frustrated me.

Where in your work or life (assuming they are separate, but not really), is it time to acknowledge the death of something you have been trying to breathe life into or medicate? It could be an intimate relationship, family, friend(s), a job, money issues, health concerns.

The hardest part, particularly for the ego, is to realise you can’t change it.

All you can do is choose to let go, grieve and hopefully move on.

You will know, as I did, when I a woke with the thought “medicine does not heal a dead man”.

(note gender specific language “man” was what I said out loud in my sleep and is not meant to offend or upset anyone. Read it as man/woman or whatever truly resonates with your truth.)

Until next time