Childhood is the non-returning stage of any species’ life cycle. Once it is gone, it is gone forever. None of us could bring it back or press a rewind button a few of our wonderful memories. For one, either it could be the most blissful stage or it could be the most miserable stage of life. We are just left with the memories, which we must have captured in some of the different forms, like videos, photographs, letters, postcards, etc. They are in our minds which keep on knocking in our head, again and again, the moment we start co-relating any of the memories and we are in our flashback picture. Like as you see a kid doing some activities, you reach the time when you did the same.

Certainly, the memories are following us everywhere and every time the moment we start correlating to the present moments. Sometimes we do not recognize them but they do recognize our past and make us realize as and when they take place in some similar moments in our lives. A wide thought crosses our mind considering it as déjà vu instance.

It may happen when we think too much; even then such memories pay us a small visit which they should not. So, this is when we should try to control our minds by recollecting good memories. Controlling your mind plays an important part in your life. It is beneficial for your body. This helps in making you calm while working home, or in an office, or anywhere in the world. A kid does mischief without thinking of its repercussions or does not give a second thought to it. An elder, before even starting of our task, he thinks of a negative thought. For example, if I want to buy a house that costs Rs.50 and right now, I have Rs.50 in my pocket. I begin to think of lacking money power rather than working on the dream by working without giving a second thought.

We can control our minds, making it incapable to think the good things. Let it go beyond its capabilities. Think freely and smartly. Breathe your thoughts. So, mind your mind by thinking more about the ways to mend it in a very thoughtful process, in a straight direction, and organize it to move forward to work on your goal.