If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself in a slump and can’t seem to find the motivation to do anything. It might feel like your pre-workout is wearing off or that nothing really matters anymore. We all go through periods of low energy and lack of motivation but we don’t have to stay there! The following are some ideas on how to get motivated, so you can get back on track with your goals sooner rather than later.

  1. Set smaller, achievable goals for each day.

Just like climbing up a big mountain. If you focus only on the top, chances are you will most likely feel overwhelmed, or frustrated. You might feel that no matter what you do, you are so far away from your end goal, it doesn’t even seem worth making the move at all.

A better approach is to break down the top into smaller, achievable goals. By setting smaller goals that are more achievable (and easier to get excited about) will help build momentum towards reaching your larger one! For example if you are trying to lose weight and want to run up a mountain every day (a big goal), try starting with running for 15 minutes each day instead.

By taking the baby steps not only will make you feel like you are achieving something everyday, but it also brings you closer to your end goal. As a Chinese saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

  1. Give yourself small rewards along the way

If there was no motivation behind losing weight, what would be the point? We all know that having less belly fat can lead to more confidence among other things but why do we continue on our journey even though sometimes it might seem difficult? If you think about it, the reward of a better life is something that can be pretty motivating.

Therefore, whenever you complete your daily task try to give yourself small rewards along the way such as getting an iced coffee from your favorite cafe or buying new clothes. If you really love chocolate then go ahead and buy some! Whatever the goal you set, it might seem like a never ending journey with no end in sight, but by rewarding yourself everyday will make reaching your goal much more enjoyable.

Be sure not to over-using this method though because if done too often it could lead back to old indulgent habits which defeats the purpose of trying to achieve your goal in first place.

  1. Be accountable

It can be hard when we want people around us to know how important something is for us but they aren’t as enthusiastic.

However, there are ways of holding yourself accountable without being too pushy with friends or family members- especially ones who might not understand why this matters so much. You can do this by keeping track on social media or by keeping a journal. This way, if you slip up there will be proof of it and when you want to look back at all the things you achieved it’ll be there in black and white.

Another good way of keeping accountability is by joining or starting a group who are also trying to achieve something similar – this will help give your motivation that extra boost when you need it most!

As long as these people aren’t too pushy with their expectations, this can work really well for everyone involved because they’re just being cheerleaders instead of judges. Plus if one person falls off the bandwagon then hopefully someone else will pick them up so they don’t get discouraged along the way which can happen if we try doing everything alone.

It’s important not to rely on others’ judgement but on our own. Remember, the only person who can keep yourself accountable and stay motivated is YOU! There is nothing more powerful than harnessing your own driving force as long as there isn’t any negativity involved such as jealousy or envy for example which could lead us down an unhelpful route. The good news about that though is that once we find out what works for us and how our brains work best, staying motivated becomes much easier than before.