There’s usually one in every crowd” or “one in every cell” in the local work and jail environments. The resolution to overcoming being bullied is how you handle it states the infamous warden “Dutch” Bulldog Evans from San Quentin Penitentiary.

In a place of career or work environment is not uncommon to see bullying at some point in your environment. There are many reasons why bullying happens even in adults. At times it can seem very stressful, and it can make a person feel terrible. To overcome bullying on the job first and foremost is just trying to speak or resolve the issue with the person, possibly keep distance with this person, and if worse comes to worst seek supervisor or a manager’s assistance. 

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 Many times bullying on the job can be solved after speaking to resolve the issue with your said person. Some key points to head on as your speaking is to keep reasoning, understanding, and try to resolve the conflict if possible. This doesn’t always work, but it is a start. Many times he would want to keep reasoning to keep them calm and use understanding in a way that is not conflicting on them. As I said, it doesn’t always work, but it is a start. And starting somewhere is better than never starting all.

 So once you try to talk and resolve the issue with your said bullying person, then you want to keep your distance from them. Keeping your distance is keeping you safe. You might want to ask to work in a different department or area. Maybe possibly working an alternative shift, if possible. At times it is good to keep her distance with people who are negative, or hurtful, or even manipulative. These types of people have issues within themselves. Generally, the bullying lies within themselves or problems in their own lives that they project onto others.

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 If you try to speak or resolve the problem and you keep your distance from your bully but still, no success in resolving the issue at hand. You may want to seek a supervisor or a manager’s assistance. Speaking with the supervisor would be your first step in utilizing your management ladder. If there is no resolution with going to the supervisor, then the next step would be to contact the manager. If the manager is not able to take care of or resolve the issue at this time, you would want to put it in writing. You wish to notate all incidents that have occurred in a well-written form for the manager’s review. And last and not least, if the manager is not able to take care of or resolve the issue at this time, you would go to the current owner of the company. When going to the management ladder, it’s very imperative to stay confident and also imply the importance of the matter. Most adults watch this every day with children in the classroom or even at home. They want to bully every day and not say one word. As in adults, you should be confident enough and be able to speak when something is offending you, or you feel as though you’re being attacked.

 Overcoming billing on the job at times can be difficult, but if you try to speak and resolve the issue, keep distance with this person, and if nothing else seek your supervisor and managers’ assistance, you should be able to make some progress. Not saying it can be fixed overnight because everybody’s different. Every company operates differently. But this is a start. And the beginning is all you need. Therapy is also available at some jobs and some large corporate offices have also installed roof-top gardening and gyms for exercise and mindfulness therapy to help cope.