Ans. – We need meditation as a practice, as an activity as we are not comfortable with uncertainty, confusion, ambiguity. We want stable relief from facing confusing choices. Meditation becomes an escaping device, addictive activity. When we see this fact clearly, fused state may touch.

Body and brain require food and sleep to recharge. This is sufficient, complete in itself. You are essentially at peace, at rest unless you are in immediate physical danger. Unless you recognize this fact-any practice, device as meditation and so on to bring peace and control is to seek relief by running away from what you do not like. The energy remains dissipated.

It is quite easy, convenient to slip into some stress relieving, tension relieving device or strategy-music, entertainment, meditation, medication, religious-spiritual activities and so on. Any device, any strategy you choose boomerangs as brain can not stay relieved, stay pleased. One may become addicted to the device or strategy. Instead of slipping into diversions-can one stay with the discomforting feeling and see the emergence of action? The Original may touch you here.

Q.- Should I not seek peace, silence through meditation or through other practices?

Ans- Silence, stoppage has to happen when you are disturbed when things happen which are to your disliking, bizarre, negative and your mind is bent upon complaining, blaming, feeling guilty. In such fluid moments-the touch of the Original may happen.

Otherwise silence or peace is only an idea or practice for you to comfort the mind. You become bound to the pattern.