If there is one thing we need more than ever right now… its self-care.

How can you soothe, love, and take care of yourself in a year of uncertainty? By focusing on what you can control. By listening to what your mind, body, and soul need at this very moment. And honoring that. Self-care practices look different for everyone as we are unique individuals.

Let me ask you this. When was the last time you went horseback riding, replanted your house plants, or took a drive to a neighboring town on a Saturday afternoon?

We can get stuck for ideas on self-care and “only” take a much-needed nap, which is fine. But there are other ways too.

One of my favorite self-care practices is taking a mindfulness walk in the forest. Using my senses, and grounding myself to mother earth. Smelling the pine cones, trees, and closing my eyes while listening to the birds.

Another favorite is going to a cozy café. Just me, myself, and I. Enjoying a slice of carrot cake, freshly brewed coffee, and just watching the world go by.

Setting boundaries is a great self-care and self-love practice. How can you set boundaries today? Start small and build slowly with confidence. Remember, when you say No to something or someone, you are saying YES to yourself.

Self-care can even be a kickboxing class. It’s about what brings you joy, energy, and peace. Listen to your intuition, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

You never know, rock climbing or discovering new plants could be your new self-care practice.

Self-care ideas:

  • Walk barefoot in the grass or sand.
  • Invest in a weighted blanket, luxury sheets, or a cozy cashmere blanket.
  • Take up a new hobby that excited you as a kid.
  • Volunteer work with the elderly, children, or animals.
  • Create a vision board. With pictures, magazine scraps & handwritten goals.
  • Start a new habit of leaving your phone outside the bedroom each night.
  • Take a knitting class.
  • Ask for help from a place of non-judging yourself.
  • Start a healthy habit of a fruit/vegetable smoothie each morning.
  • Write affirmations on a post-it and stick them on your bathroom mirror.
  • Play an old board game.
  • Meet like-minded people in an evening class or online group.