Solitude For Success

Look in the gap between thoughts…….that  is where you will find your answers

Life today is riddled with the constant hum of Streaming Platforms, Social Media and a myriad of things that hold our attention; cluttering our senses with either external noise or mental chatter. Very few of us spend our days with pockets of silence splattered around to bring us back to our Core.

The Core I refer to is the space between our self and our soul, that centre of tranquillity, the eye of the storm if you like which is serene at all times. Our Core is what holds all our answers. In the realm of our Core, no problem is too big, no solution too outlandish and insurmountable strength. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? You have felt its full force or stirrings and when you feel it you often wonder how you ever managed to feel fear at all when this great strength exists within you how can fear exist?  

Fears arises from disassociation from our Core. A sense of having lost touch with our inner self that carries knowledge of being a part of something bigger, of being a divine creator magnifies the illusion of fears so much that we are unable to revert to our own selves. A downward spiral follows this disentanglement where we frantically search for answers and solutions in workshops, classes, books, videos and masterminds who may have lost and found their way in days of yore.

 Let me gently nudge you back to your own Pierian Springs with one key ingredient, Solitude:

1. Indulge The Senses:

Pour your favoured nectar and nestle into the luxurious arms of the most inviting corner in your home. We all indulge our senses in a special space in our abodes, when aiming to go inwards these spaces will be our havens. Use this space to access your Core without any music, book, Netflix – just you and your thoughts.

2. Titillate Your Mirth:

Like running a feather over your arm, gently think back to something that touched you deeply. It needn’t have inspired joy or anguish but would have reached a place deep within you such that you felt transcended to another dimension. Let the montage of deeply felt memories play in your mind’s eye until you are staring into a cavernous abyss of sensation. And now ………. Let it engulf and wash over you.

3. Muse It Over:

Only now allow your mind to wander to what you have been pondering over. As the process begins make sure your emotional radar does not tune out of that treasure trove of inspiring sensations. Approach the solution from this renewed perspective and I promise you, you will begin to see everything – the question, answer everything in new light. You will be able to access the solution from perspectives you did not know you had. You might even realise that your musings are not problems at all and no solutions are needed.

These simple steps steeped in Solitude will help you access your own divinity which lives beyond the confines of good, bad, joy, sorrow and hopefully show you that everything simply IS.

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