There is an old saying, “We don’t believe what we hear, we believe what we say.”

Why is this so powerful?
We spend a lot of our lives hearing different messages, influences and so called guidance. Of the thousands of words and messages we hear, we only repeat a small fraction of those words and ideas. We grab on to the messages and ideas that we are emotionally connected to.

As we grew up, we were given ideas by our family, culture, school, pastor, etc. Some of the ideas bring us joy such as when we were told we are beautiful and some of the ideas bring us pain, “People who are rich are greedy.” We take the ideas that bring us joy or fear, and repeat these ideas in our minds so much, that they become ingrained in us as part of our belief system. Once we adopt an idea and speak it to ourselves within our mind and repeat it to others, it becomes our reality.

The challenge is that many of the ideas we cling to, are other people’s thoughts and fears. We adopt them to the point we believe them to be our own. We speak them so much, that it inhibits our ability to question them, and we buy into them as they become part of who we believe we are as a person. This is how we build our story about who we are and the way the world works.

What do you do when you notice that some of the ideas you believe are not serving you or block you from having the things you want in your life? That’s when you have to change the narrative. You need to start speaking in a way that supports the lifestyle you want; “Being rich is easy, fun and will allow me to help more people.”

As you start speaking in alignment with the life you want to live, at first it will feel uncomfortable or you’ll feel like you are an imposter, faking it through the day. This is natural because the words you are using are not in alignment with your current belief system or programming. However, over time, you will slowly notice subtle changes. The empowering phrases, “I am amazing and can do anything,” start effecting your actions. You’ll try new things in line with the new belief system. You’ll have more conversations with other people who have that same belief. You’ll start noticing that people you used to spend time with, you don’t connect with as easily anymore. You’ll start feeling happier about the decisions you are making and associating more pain with your old beliefs. In essence, you are transforming your belief system which will change who you believe you are, and therefore change who you identify yourself as.

Here’s a simple 21 Day Challenge:

  1. Write down 2 beliefs that are disempowering such as “I’m not good looking enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, or “I’m too old.”
  2. Flip them to the desired statement, which is usually the opposite: “I’m beautiful the way I am,” “I know I can figure this out,” or “Being older gives me more advantages than younger people.”
  3. Repeat the statements several times a day aloud with energy and a smile while you look in the mirror, as you are driving, and any time you catch yourself with the old disempowering belief.
  4. Observe the changes in how you feel, as well as how others react to you.

The action of speaking the beliefs you desire will help you manifest the things you want more of in your life. Speak, like your life depends on it.


  • Gregg Korrol

    Results Coach, Author and Principal

    Gregg Korrol is a Results Coach helping people transform their life both professionally and personally. Gregg works with top CEOs, Emmy Winning Producers, Artists and others who are looking to take life to the next level.  Gregg is the Author of the Bestselling novel, The Gifted Storyteller: The Power is in the Story You Tell. Gregg also works in the field of education, with over 20 years experience as a teacher and Principal in NYC. He has received numerous awards and accolades as a leader in his field, and sat on various advisory teams for top education officials. Utilizing his degree in Psychology from StonyBrook University and certification in Strategic Intervention in coaching, Gregg’s focus is on helping others become the hero of their own story. Gregg currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and daughter. You can follow Gregg on his website,, Instagram @thegiftedstoryteller and email him at [email protected]