To change the quality of your life, you do not have to quit your job, change your place of residence or environment. Start with the little things that surround us every day. By changing the approach to them, you will change the quality of life. What I recommend:

Healthy food

It’s not as difficult as it sounds, but you will start to feel much better! It’s not about losing weight or counting calories, but about a balanced diet that will give you a boost of energy for the whole day. There are a huge number of books and recipes on the Internet that can help. You can check out a writer like the Bunny Colby Wiki.

Get organized.

On the desktop, in the wardrobe, surrounded, in thoughts. A clean workspace is always a pleasure. A properly selected wardrobe is comfortable and beautiful. Go from quantity to quality. Give up cheap clothes. Do not communicate with people who cause rejection. Keep such contacts to a minimum. And to purify thoughts, avoid negative images in thinking. Focus on the positives. Practice meditation – it helps you feel the moment here and now.

Plan your day.

Planning gives a sense of meaningfulness, importance. Introduce morning and evening routines, mandatory after waking up and before bed. Waking up early, jogging, and breakfast will invigorate you. An evening shower, reading a book, or yoga can help you tune in to a pleasant sleep. Develop the required steps and follow them. Plus, planning helps to stay on top of things and get more done.

Make your meals mindful.

How does the process of eating ordinary proceed? In most cases, our attention slips away after a couple of spoons, absorbing which, we make sure that everything is in order with the food. We are used to eating without thinking. Sometimes we don’t feel the taste of food. We try to do several things at the same time, so we often combine our meals with reading a book or newspaper, watching some videos, chatting on social networks, or working at a computer. Perhaps we generally eat on the run. Eat slowly, lightly, and healthy foods. Always stay a little hungry.

 Limit your viewing of social media and news.

While watching a Facebook feed may not have any visible physical consequences, as with other addictions such as cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, or drugs. But we can’t underestimate the damage it can do to a person’s mental health. Stop watching someone else’s life. You have yours – do it.


Fresh air tones up numerous blood vessels, improves respiration and metabolism. Immunity also increases. The work of the heart and brain is activated, and blood pressure returns to normal. It calms the nerves and restores normal sleep. Try to walk all the time. Go to the store, shopping, to work. Walking has a positive effect on the state of the body and the train of thought.

Feel free to say no when you should or want to.

Remember your dignity. The ability to say “no” is, first of all, an opportunity to save your time and energy. Believe it or not, by giving up the actions that any service can easily perform, you can free up from 2 hours a day. Of course, if a friend is in trouble or a loved one needs your support, this rule does not work. But someone else can go to the other end of the city for an order or meet a distant relative at 3 am – a courier in the first case and a taxi driver in the second.

Learn positive thinking.

Accept yourself for who you are. Find positive moments and time for small pleasures: cozy tea-drinking, scented candles, taking a bath, watching a movie, and so on. Take these steps as a guide to organizing your living space, and your life will be filled with awareness.