Why having a personal potential regime will support you to step into your power.

Each day you have a beauty regime. You get up, brush your hair, brush your teeth and put on your mascara. A daily Personal Potential Regime is a bit like this, but instead of make-up, let it support you to become clear in your life and your dreams.

What is personal potential?

My definition of personal potential is when you are fulfilled in life.

When you feel as though you are living your life just as you should. You feel completely content with where you are and strive to be your best self each day. You see the beauty in everyday life. You know you are supported from within, you have all of the tools inside of yourself you could ever need. You are living as your best self and taking action from a place that feels aligned with your life purpose. You are a miracle.

Here are 3 steps to begin putting your personal potential regime together and start making waves in your life.

1. Knowlage and Growth

My highest value in life is to learn about what can help me, my family and my community of women. I take time for myself and I work on how I can become my best self, part of that is learning and growing. We must learn in order to grow.

Time goes so fast, before we know it another year has past and another, and another and a bloody other…How many times have you let your goals go, how many times have you ACTUALLY set goals and stuck at them?!

Stepping into your personal potential will support you to take massive action on the dreams you have. If life is just passing you by and you haven’t actually become the woman you always thought you would, if you are just drifting, or perhaps you have had children and lost yourself within the beautiful journey of life. No more half arsing life, let’s create your wildest, most adventurous life!

A snuggle on the sofa with a child, travelling the world, having money freedom, building a successful business. Whatever your wildest dreams whatever your dreams they are possible. Commit each day to learn something new, it could be reading a book, doing an online course or even getting a mentor or coach.

2. Have a clear life mission statement

When we find ourselves drifting feeling unfulfilled in life it can be because we have no clear direction on what or why we are doing anything. With no real knowing of what our purpose is and no clear reason why we live each day things can become unclear, overwhelming and can leave us with a feeling of anxiety and stress. Where focus goes energy flows.

Sit with yourself for a moment, place your hand on your heart and listen to the sound of your breath. 

Ask yourself “Who am I?” And write down what comes up for you.

3. Know your worth.

You my lovely are worthy of everything you ever want. It makes no difference what has happened in your life up until now. It makes no difference what excuses you come up with for yourself as to why you haven’t already achieved your dreams and goals or why you may not even be clear on what they are yet. 

Whenever you feel yourself feeling as though you are not worth what you want to achieve, scared or feel as though you are holding yourself back due to not feeling good enough write a list of all of the accomplishments you have had in your life that you are proud of.

To round up;

  1. Commit to learning something new that lights you up. Set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes and read, or start a new course.
  2. Check in with you, place your hand on your heart and ask yourself “who am I?” and act as you are.
  3. Write a list of all of the things you have accomplished that you are proud of and why it is possible for you to achieve your dreams.

You were given your dreams for a reason, now go ahead. Step into your personal potential and remember You can change the world with just an idea. You do not need to search outside of yourself for meaning, the miracle you seek is already within you now.

I cannot wait to see your journey unfold.

Your time is now, yes you can!


  • Rebecca Lockwood

    Award Winning Master NLP Mindset Coach, NLP Trainer, International Speaker and #1 Best selling author

    Rebecca is an #1 best selling Author, NLP Coach & Trainer, a mum to 2 girls and she teaches Female Entrepreneurs the art and science of NLP. You can get a free copy of Rebecca’s book The Females Handbook: Step into your Personal Potential by going to www.RebeccaLockwood.org.uk.