“My experiences and observations in a nutshell.” A. Tate, Ed.D.

How can an organization encourage creativity to fuel innovation to improve systems, increase outcomes, and create a culture that finds comfort in discomfort?
  1. Maintain a small learning community that is connected through reliable communication pathways.
  2. Experiment with new methods, systems, and structures in controlled ways or within controlled groups.
  3. Encourage non-routine practices to develop based on need or employee recommendation.
  4. Value employee insight and implement novel ideas with follow-up to see if intended results are achieved.
  5. Remain flexible, nimble, and open-minded.
  6. Enjoy the status quo but do not be bound by it.
  7. Understand that creativity is what fuels innovation.
  8. Find comfort in discomfort.


  • Aida Tate, Ed.D.

    Educator, Coach, Community Advocate, Lifelong Learner, and Goal Digger

    Aida Tate is an educator with experience in both the private and public sectors of education. She is a lifelong learner who has been a National Board Certified classroom teacher, instructional coach, English learner coordinator, founding charter school principal, and district administrator. In 2002, Aida received the California State University, Northridge, Distinguished Elementary Education Alumna Award.  In 2005, Aida's contributions to her students, school, and community were recognized by the California Department of Education during her employment at a high-priority school. In 2012, Aida was the recipient of the Founding Principal Award, by the school's board of directors, for successfully starting a charter school from the ground up. Aida earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from California State University at Northridge and conducted research on strategies, systems, and leadership at turnaround schools. She continues to share her observations and experiences through online articles and forums.