How these routines help me unplug, recharge, and accomplish more during the week.

During the week, I keep a strict schedule. One thing I love about the weekend is that I get to unwind, spend time with friends, and change up the routine. Those two days off, though, can either tremendously hurt or help us. The whole point of a weekend is to unplug and recharge, however, the one thing that should stay the same on weekends is your sleep schedule.

Staying out super late (which I try not to do), even for one night, jeopardizes my entire next week. Balancing a night out with sleep can be tricky, so what I try to do is go out earlier so I can get to bed earlier. Since I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I make sure to keep my sleep schedule as regular as possible so I’m always getting not just enough sleep, but adequate deep sleep. Here are three mindful weekend routines I do that nurture my health and set me up for success.

Thorough Clean and De-clutter of Home and Work space

Every Saturday (or Sunday, depending what is happening) I do a thorough clean of each room in my home. Doing this is like pushing the reset button. Come Monday morning, I’m not spending the first few hours of my day cleaning. When I spend time to thoroughly de-clutter and clean, I’m setting myself up for success. Plus, I’m amazed at the things I end up throwing (or giving) away. Ever since I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, messes have increased my stress level, which also contribute to pain, irritability, overwhelm, and the list goes on. Preventing pile up is the surefire way to avoid any overwhelm or stress during the week, thus, you’ll be much more productive at work and at home.

At Home Mindful Exercises

Mindful exercise doesn’t necessarily mean physical exercise; it means meditation and doing relaxation activities. I do meditate during the week, but these relaxation activities enhance the meditation experience. Usually on Saturday’s, I do an at home spa day — I cleanse my sinuses, soak feet, do a different Yoga routine, and am in tune 100% with my breathing. Using a bowl or pot of hot steamy water, I add essential oils (eucalyptus, tea tree oil, lavender, and more), and I inhale the steam between ten and twenty minutes. I’ll add dried chamomile flowers for the ultimate Zen sensation. I typically do this at night because the steam makes me tired as my face and neck cool down. These mindful exercises melt away anxiety and stress completely.

Sleep for one extra hour Saturday and Sunday

Everyone talks about the benefits of sleep, but deep sleep has an enormous amount of benefits that promote healing, restoration, helps us recharge, boosts memory, repairs muscles, and heals every aspect of our minds and bodies. On the weekends, I sleep one extra hour (up to ten hours, but still wake up early) because I can sense when my body needs it. Maintaining a steady sleep pattern, and making sure my body is getting enough deep sleep helps me wake up even earlier on the week days. Just this past week, I’ve been naturally waking up between 5:30 and 6:00 in the morning. I’ve recognized healthier eating habits, more energy, and have been able to reach workout goals. These weekend routines benefit you long term, too.

That little bit of time on the weekends to sleep, relax, de-clutter, and expand on your self-care routine with mindful exercises will improve focus, memory, and you’ll be more productive during the week. Since I’ve incorporated these extra routines, I’ve managed to accomplish more and reach important goals (like writing the first draft of a book in a month and a half). When you put well-being first, you can accomplish an incredible amount and it’s life-changing.

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