It’s natural to worry……how many times have we all heard many versions of this sentence in response to something we are worrying about. Whilst it may be natural to feel concerned about something, it does not exactly feel good when someone validates this emotion in us. If you disagree, think about something you feel concerned about and imagine someone affirming your need to worry versus someone telling you not to worry because all will be well. Most people feel better with the latter.

This week I invite you to muse over the action of worry……

Recognize the Futility of Worry

However valid your reason for concern, the thing about worry is that it does absolutely nothing. It is just a series of thoughts that cause you pain and anxiety. Worry freezes the mind in a state of inaction and causes our thoughts to keep going in circles awful outcomes or situations that may never occur.  

Whilst we worry, we become completely incapable of thinking clearly. We cease to see our blessings, solutions, options, and just about every option available to us and spiral into our own doomsday. Allowing this chain of thought is also habit-forming and will program our minds to always look for things to worry about. At all times, remember that whatever happens, worrying about it will never ever help.

Cancel the Unhelpful

If your thoughts of worry are not solution-oriented or intended to calm you down we have a problem. It can be immensely difficult to have perspective when you have that pit in your stomach but it is also extremely important. The best thing to do is to stop talking about it, make yourself your favorite hot beverage, and sit down with your own thoughts.  

Observe your thoughts as they come and gently change the direction to thoughts that help you arrive at a solution of options. Write them down if that works for you. Slowly filter your thoughts down to just the ones that offer a solution of comfort. “Cancel” the ones that increase your feeling of panic.  

Sleep it Off 

If recognizing the purposeless-ness and un-helpfulness of worry does not help and you still find yourself obsessing do yourself a favor and go to sleep. Staying in this obsessive worrisome state will never help, go to sleep, and come back to the problem if there is one.  

If what you are worrying about is outside your control, the other side of the nap will help you see that. Sleeping shuts down our thought process and gives us the opportunity to re-boot on waking. When you wake up, do a gratitude list, go for a walk, play with your pet, do whatever is required to feel good. Feeling good will flip your thoughts, take it an hour at a time to feel good, and gradually lift yourself out of the worry blackhole.  

In conclusion, recognise that everyone worries so you are not alone. It is partly natural but obsessing is not. So save all your energy and harness it towards creating a glowing future. 

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