Staying sharp in your head isn’t reserved only for young folks. The same way you build your body endurance by training your muscles in the gym, you can keep your brain in good working order with exercises. There are ways to make sure your brain stays healthy, but there are also the ones that will further enhance your brain power. We’ve gathered the best of both that will keep your mind young and sharp.


You can’t harvest the benefits of any tips we’re gonna mention if you don’t get enough sleep. Your brain requires a large amount of energy to function properly so the lack of sleep will reduce the efficiency of its functions and maybe even lower your IQ. Not to mention that sleep deprivation can also lead to the development of the neurodegenerative disease. Sleep consolidates long-term memories with short-term ones and your brain uses it to flush out toxins which have accumulated during the day. Learning and improving isn’t possible if you’re constantly exhausted, so at least eight hours of sleep every night is mandatory.


ʽYou are what you eatʼ is more than a saying, especially when it comes to your brain. Almost everything you stuff down your throat will in some way influence your brain functions, so try to stick to high nutrients which will power your brain. The shape of walnuts speaks for itself, but you should also eat a lot of vegetables and fish such as tuna and salmon which contain a high level of fatty acids able to boost neuron functions. Stick to a healthy diet which will provide your brain with vitamins, fibers, unsaturated fats, and omega-3 fatty acids, while trying to keep away from anything containing trans or saturated fats and added sugar.


We’re not referring to computer games, although there are some among them which could boost your IQ. The point is to constantly face challenges so your brain can go from strength to strength. The reason is simple – once your brain realizes it has mastered something it becomes lazy, and games are a great way to push your limits. The popular opinion is that playing Sudoku every night can do wonders and even prevent dementia, but scientific results are mixed when it comes to definite benefits.

Nonetheless, all of the problem-solving games, including card games, anagrams, and puzzles can stimulate your brain, but when it comes to real results nothing beats playing chess. This game not only raises your IQ but it promotes brain growth by exercising both sides, teaches planning and foresight, optimizes memory improvement, sparks your creativity, and it can prevent Alzheimer’s and improve recovery from disability or stroke. Of course, to harvest all these benefits you need to incorporate this game into your daily routine, so find a chess set which is coherent and matching, able to look good every time you open it and spark your interest anew.

Reading & Writing

The power of reading shouldn’t be underestimated, and that doesn’t mean you need to read only scientific or philosophical books. Even popular literature is able to expose you to new ideas and therefore influence and improve your mind. Reading will develop your analytical skills, expand your communication skills, and improve your general knowledge. It will improve your vocabulary and make you more articulate.

When it comes to writing, we can’t deny that keyboards represent a more efficient method of putting down information onto a page than a pencil, but the truth is that you’ll learn more effectively with writing than typing. Our brains possess the filtering system called the reticular activating system (RAS) which processes what we’re actively focusing on and writing triggers that system, telling your brain it’s time to pay attention.

Of course, the efficiency of this training also depends on what you write. Keeping a journal is not only for the forgetful ones, as it has numerous benefits. If you develop a habit of constantly writing down your ideas and thoughts you’ll create an extension to your mind and enable yourself to think more thoroughly and clearly.

Regular sleep and a healthy food regime will keep your brain strong and healthy, games will present new challenges which will boost its capacity, and reading and writing will additionally improve your thought processes. Just make sure your body doesn’t stay behind with exercises and surround yourself with intelligent people to push these advantages even further.