Sunrise of Soul Awakening
Sunrise of Soul Awakening is a new sensation that you may choose to accept without fear.

The blocks to your power need to be seen first. Have the courage to avoid retreating in fear. Embrace the opportunity.

When your foot falls asleep and starts to get the circulation back, the initial feeling is irritating pain. Waking up to your power may feel the same.

The first realization that you have been giving your power away stings like the waking foot. Initially, the feeling is to want to go back to the blissful sleep, zombie state of giving responsibility for your life over to others. No responsibility- no guilt, right?  It is the guilt that stings.

When you first realize that the choices you made to fit in, comply and look good actually went against your genuine and true self, guilt really sets in.  You feel the betrayal of self, which can be hard to forgive, especially if you haven’t developed a strong forgiveness practice. If your habit is to push away or inebriate uncomfortable feelings, the guilt and betrayal may feel unbearable. The desire to choose to go back to sleep can be very strong.

Yet, you have your greatest opportunity at this uncomfortable point. You can choose a new response – the response of wonder, courage and faith.  This response is a return to the innocent young child self who knows how to approach life with curiosity and trust. This faithfulness is in your innate ability to access your creative power.  

The innate creative strength is unlike the force to control with the logical mind and physical resources. Internal power dwells in the heart and comes forth from therein. Thus, the power of prayer and meditation is revealed. (I define prayer as speaking and listening from the heart. The content may come in feelings, sensations, words or experiences.) 

Waking to your power is similar to the moment that you wake from sleep. The habitual first thought may be, “I have to…” and immediately we feel a constraining and resistance.  Open to the possibility of choosing the first thought as, “I wonder what gifts of love and joy this day will bring.” 

Starting a new habit requires mindfulness and forgiveness for making the inevitable mistakes of falling into old habits again. Therefore, waking to your power includes developing a practice in self-acceptance and forgiveness. Laughing at yourself  is a wonderful practice -similar to how you may joyfully observe a young colt find its legs and learn to walk.   

Despite believing otherwise, waking to your power is NOT a fearful thing.  This is your heart driven power.  Trust your heart and embark on the wonderful journey of life driven by the source of love and joy.