Swollen feet and aching back might be a common issue during pregnancy; these reasons are enough to keep you away from regular exercise. If your doctor allows you to exercise, then prenatal yoga is a key ingredient for your happy and healthy pregnancy.

If you are already a yoga practitioner and you have done yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or Kerala, you must be aware of the benefits yoga offers specially in pregnancy. Yoga helps you improve your mental and physical health during pregnancy. You may also join prenatal yoga if you are not pregnant but looking forward to becoming a mom.

Many yogi mamas continue to practice yoga throughout their pregnancies. If you are one of them, you may do prenatal workshops or yoga teacher training in Kerala. There are specific benefits to taking prenatal classes even if you are not looking for something gentle. Read on for seven important ways yoga can make a positive difference in your pregnancy.

Supports the changes in your body

Our body always changes, but during pregnancy, the body experiences rapid changes. The body needs help adjusting and recouping. Prenatal yoga is designed to support the changes that occur in a pregnant body. Stretching muscles can strengthen the body to ease the process of growing belly.

Be prepare for labor pain

A study shows that fit mamas don’t face lots of issues during their pregnancy; prenatal yoga is designed to help women on specific muscles and stretching that will aid in the birthing process. During prenatal yoga, you will learn how to do Kegel exercises, which may help the pelvic floor muscles for better control during pregnancy. When a woman is afraid, she tightens up; this tightening leads to the fear-tension-pain cycle. Prenatal yoga works on coping techniques, deep breathing and meditation. It helps the body to loosen and relax and help women get to a ‘mammalian place’. They instinctively know about the birth process.

Promotes mamma baby connection

When you join prenatal yoga, you give time from your busy schedule to care about the bond between you and your baby. As pregnancy progress, your body’s response towards the yoga is a gentle reminder that your body is changing. Certain poses such as hero pose in which you sit back on your heels and then sit up straight can become meaningful if you take a deep breath.

Relief from common pregnancy issues

Prenatal yoga may be the cure for pregnancy discomforts such as lower nausea, back pain, insomnia, and shortness of breath. Toning and stretching can promote healthy blood circulation and deep breathing provides enough oxygen to the baby. Physical poses and meditation can prevent you from depression. Prenatal yoga can help your body take the uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy smoothly. 

Promotes healthy pregnancy

A study shows that fit mamas are more likely to have a healthy baby; women who practice yoga during their pregnancy are more likely to have preterm labor.

Emotional support

Prenatal yoga provides you with an opportunity to mix with other mamas. You will get the opportunity to bond with other women; you will be able to understand better the ups and downs of pregnancy. Prenatal yoga may ease postpartum blues. It helps you to connect with your growing baby.

Childbirth education

Formal classes for childbirth will enable you to learn a lot in just a few sessions which helps you to understand the changes better. But in prenatal yoga, you discuss what to expect during labor, how to manage naturally, and what yoga poses might be helpful in labor?