“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” –Albert Einstein

Week 2: There are things I wouldn’t write about, especially about this virus that has everyone on the edge. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, confused, stress and anxious. I’m feeling them too.

Which is why during these times, I’ll write here, on the blog and social media what’s being helping me and others cope.

These are uncertain times for the entire world. This blog was written while my daughter was painting my face like a lion, but it looks more like I’m about to film a serious warrior scene from one of those war-hero movies. Yeah, that’s my subconscious these days, how’s yours? How is digital work while keeping kids fed, clean and productive (you know… they can’t watch tv and play video games forever? right? )

I’m also making sure my little one doesn’t keep getting worse dealing with her cold, (not “the virus”, thank god). She’s been congested and you know a lot of mucus… Been trying to keep everything clean, so those who are healthy inside are kept from getting sick. I’m sure for those who are dealing with the sickness or caring for someone who is sick or elderly; can relate to this. Writers and online digital creators are able to adjust to these changes, however, for parents and non-digital people this quarantine it’s extra dose of madness and this has only just begun.

So far, these are things that I’ve been working on (still-in-progress) and things we can all learn from this coronaVirus: (Feel free to add more to this list in the comments) Check out our post today. #Selfcarequarentine

  1. Your cooking skills can improve. Try different recipes. Less spending on take out.
  2. Make space for the good and let go of the bad.
  3. Reconnect with loved ones. Be more present.
  4. Create ways through art, or anything (use your imagination, you have time now) to help others in worse conditions than you.
  5. Make the time for meditation, exercise, and stay productive. If you have kiddos, make sure they are doing something. They are not zombies, and they have worries and things that they are dealing too. Social media, netflix, meeting on zoom, emails will be there. If it’s for your online, ecommerce business then, “Hey!, you are doing just fine. Take it one thing at time, see if your kids can help you. Some of us can’t be on social media all day. But when we do, say hi ;)”
  6. Compassion: We need to keep ourselves inside and outside only when it is needed.
  7. Kindness: Stay home. Health care facilities, nurses, doctors, grocery store clerks, farmers, some restaurant workers, garbage trucks, truck drivers, janitors, cleaning companies, shipping companies, are all very valuable and we are grateful!
  8. Self-learning: do creative work, challenge yourselves by doing something with extra time. Online courses, webinars, any board games work too.

Momlife plus working from home plus decluttering news and social media. It’s a lot! It is hard for ALL of us to keep it together, (now, finally finish cleaning the whole house, through and throw). This quarantine is making us all realize; a small silver lining which highlights how precious life is and how important it is to spend it doing something we love, that makes us feel joyful and alive.

It can be a time for reflection, for figuring out what we really want to do with our life, our career and that we must remember we are going to get through this together.

Solidarity and spreading positivity and kindness is more important than ever.

Yes, social distancing it’s a must. Stay home as much as you can. It’s vital for our survival. Just remember, emotionally distancing is not a requirement. Thanks to technology, cellphones, home phones (I know most of us have it, but barely use it) and social media platforms. Be grateful if you have access to these and remember there are those who wish they had them.

There are others who are having a difficult time processing and adjusting to change. Reach out to those who you just thought of while you read that sentence.

We are in this together.

We all do and need to stay strong and keep healthy. We are going to thrive. We have to let go of bad habits and do something different. Love more, care more, compare yourself less, we need each other more than ever. Another vital thing this quarantine it’s teaching us all, is to be more mindful, be present and be real. It doesn’t matter what you do and who you are. We are all connected. We must be more compassionate towards each other and ourselves.

Stay in Home it’s for real. Take it seriously. You could save a life.

I know I’m endangering my life by going out and getting food for my kids. Even if I’m not sick, at this point I’m not sure. Still not taking chances. I still wear the mask. Some of us have to do what we have to do and take precaution seriously. However, I know there are others that have worse situations than me. I have many friends who are nurses and in the health care system. They are still going to work and keeping us safe while trying to keep themselves healthy for their loved ones at home. Thank you for all your work!

Everyone is going through financial situations, inconveniences and re-awakening in some form or another.

Learn to take this time to reflect and think of the situation that you are in, while you read this. Is there something you need to change, in order to thrive and survive this pandemic?

This is a break for the whole planet too. Enjoy, stay safe and keep those around you safe too. #stayhome

By Angie Abreu Olivo -Founder, Creative Entrepreneur and Environmentalist Single Mom. Edited by Vanessa H.

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