Mind Control

Here’s a question for you:
Why do people think mind control is “bad”?

People shudder at the thought of mind control because they live under the belief that there is a “free will.” They are scared to think that they don’t have power. Yet the truth is we never have complete control.

Being the beasties that we are, we’ve lived, died, and evolved based on what gives us the most control. Control is essential, vital to our survival, self-image, and self-esteem. But, in many cases, power is an illusion.

There are levels to how much control we do have and the things within our control. And while we don’t have power in many areas, we will often deny that fact with a passion.

Being able to control our thoughts and emotions is one of the most challenging things anyone can do. Individuals who know how people respond and react use that knowledge to control and manipulate us all the time. That’s why advertising is such a big industry.

While mind control may be an unpleasant fact, it isn’t “bad” because, as human beings wanting control, we will resort to anything that gives themselves an advantage.

One factor in our evolution is determined by how much more in control we become. Perhaps the next level of growth is to know that we can be controlled and are always under some subtle influence without our knowing.

How would we begin to evolve if instead of fighting the fact that we are subject to mind control, we accepted it? This would be the difference between working to understand our limitations and denying them.

This is a fundamental difference between me and the PCT (Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists). For me, that we are subject to mind control creates awe, not fear.

To make a personal evolution of sorts, the only thing you can do is know that people are using mind control on us all the time and try to be aware of it. We should also be mindful that most of the mind control is so well executed; it will likely pass right by us without even a warning.

On an individual level, we should also use what we know of mind control to your advantage. This means making an effort to understand human psychology and personality psychology. Only then can we genuinely evolve beneath the omnipresent specter of mind control.

Kahlo Psychology Clinic