A personal brand is an image that develops about you in a professional community or the environment of your current and potential customers (employer, buyer, customer, partner). Your career growth often depends on the form of his perception, the ability to realize your potential, trust, and choosing you by customers. 

Psychological components of marketing and personal branding ensure confidence and give us the moral right to move forward. Are you a leader, entrepreneur, or just a novice careerist? Formulated personal brand and right positioning help you work better, not harder. 

Creating a personal brand is not only for the leaders, politicians, and celebrities. It is necessary for everyone, who wants to develop in his/her professional and personal life. You can do it with social networks and use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Tinder, and YouTube.

Positive Psychology in Personal Branding – 4 Main Principles

Positive psychology has emerged as an addition to ordinary psychology to focus on mental health. It analyzes what makes people happy and offers actions that improve mental well-being and the level of happiness. 

Before making your image public somewhere, you should carefully prepare and determine what a personal brand should be, allowing you to remain like this brand reliable for the audience.

Enter your “flow”

Determine the activity you are very passionate about. From what exercise nothing can distract you? In this activity, you most likely have already achieved heights. It is time to surrender to your favorite case as much as possible, and do not forget to share your passion with others.

Show your strengths

Often we accept our strengths as proper because they are familiar and natural for us. Find three strengths based on which you can build the history of your brand. Then inform using clear examples of how you bring these strengths to life. Find ways to apply them every day, at work and home.

Focus on positive

Cultivation of positive thinking translates your life experience into a more positive and full life. Consider your most attractive character traits and find ways to emphasize them. It makes you unique. In addition to how you communicate, thinking if you look like you look, reflects your individuality. If you have a dress code for work, how can you insert elements that show your uniqueness?

Share your vision

Think about what is important for you in life and your career. Be optimistic about your future. Share your values ​​and a positive outlook with others.  Creating a personal brand, remember: it should cover what you love. Then you will attract the opportunities that you fit.

The formula “I want, I can, I need.”

At the intersection of these three regions – the reason why you are special. This model is used in coaching, both with professional coaching and independently. You can try to paint your initial success formula, answering the following questions:


What attracts the desired activity? What do you dislike about it? Why is it important for you to deal with this direction? Where do you see yourself in a year?


What data do you have and will possess in the future for this job? What resources do you miss? How will you overcome possible restrictions?


Why do you think your work will be in demand? What benefit to other people will your activity bring? Do your intended earnings arrange?

The benefits of coaching in the search for yourself

The lack of understanding of your strengths and weaknesses leads to an ineffective allocation of resources. As a result, dissatisfaction and demotivation. Therefore, it is important not only existential to immerse yourself in the world of your values and understand “Who am I?”, As well as to realize and give answers to such questions as:

  1. What are your personal qualities and features?
  2. What are my abilities?
  3. What am I doing for 10 out of 10?
  4. What inspires me and gives energy, motivates, and brings pleasure?
  5. What is important to me, and what are the priorities in everyday life?

Often, at the stage of awareness of our abilities, we are confronted with difficulties. When we asked the question: why do I need all this? It is a question for a deep level of values, where the modern person is unusual and has no time to dive. Psychology and coaching help as comfortably and safely find these answers.

Working with a coach helps skillfully combine experience, skills, talents to communicate successfully, influence and effectively manage their way, identify the goals and necessary steps to achieve them. The main principle of coaching is to use your resources efficiently and unconditionally to believe that no one knows for you the best option and what resources you possess. Coaching allows you to provide support and apply professional tools to concretize everything, often elusive.

As a result of the work with the coach is the vision of who you are, what your brand is, and where you can maximize your potential, understanding how to achieve a balanced and successful life. You will have a life where you do what you love.