Have you thought about making artwork with your food and tableware? Veggies are my color palette, and I love playing with linens, ceramic plates, and wine glasses. All these things make me feel life is so beautiful. As we become busy, we forget that we can serve a nice meal to make the experience more enjoyable. It is not just about taking a picture of what you eat and adding a filter for the gram. The entire process is important here, which includes cooking, plating, coordinating, and photographing, to fully maximize the potential of a creative mind. 

When I was a floral designer, the best moment was to see how we infused every little thing into cohesive table designs. The Caprese skewers, shrimp tacos, dahlias, and matching napkins added a dose of personality to a memorable summer wedding. Then, I started doing the same at home for an ideal lifestyle. Practicing food styling sparks my creativity and makes me be a better cook and entertaining host. As I enjoy cooking more, I also consume fewer calories now than eating outside. I became more mindful of how much sugar and oil I put and learned to be a more sophisticated grocery shopper. 

If this sounds interesting to you, you could start with an easy one, an open-face sandwich. Think about using a toast as your canvas and add varied toppings, avocado spread, eggs, tomatoes, radish, etc. Try different positioning and color matching and consider different textures. To add a touch of color, how about adding some edible flowers on top of your avocado toast? For decoration, recognize the assets around you. A magazine, a candle, or some wildflowers from your backyard can turn to a piece of art. And don’t forget your cat can be the perfect model! It is ok if it does not look perfect because you also want it to look natural. Finally, take pictures with your smartphone or camera to celebrate your talent. I hope you enjoy your meal and share the moment with family and friends.