Have you ever been feeling low, down in the dumps, stuck in a rut, or just plain stressed out? Of course, the answer to that question will be “Yes!” for everyone. We have all had our share of hard times and I’m sure we all remember the struggle of trying to get back to equilibrium. For some, getting back to equilibrium can involve seeing a therapist. For others, it could be starting a new job or moving to a new area. For others, getting better begins with art.

There are many ways to incorporate art into emotional growth and healing. You could draw, paint, listen to music, or even get up and dance! These methods can be great for artistic people, but there are also creative and expressive ways to dig yourself out of a rut that doesn’t require any special artistic talents. One method is journaling . You don’t need to be a prolific writer, or even a writer at all, to benefit from it. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and the motivation to get words down on paper.

For me, journaling has become more about growth and gratitude.  If you’re looking to make journaling more of a priority, I suggest focusing on the following:

  • Visions, goals, aspirations
  • Gratitude
  • A letter to your future self
  • A letter to your past self
  • A letter to your spouse or children
  • Insecurities (Write them down and get rid of them!)
  • Fears and how you will overcome them
  • Dreams
  • Travels or Adventures
  • Recall special memories or life events
  • Express what you’re feeling in the moment

Journaling can be so freeing!  Whether you choose specific writing prompts each week, or write as you feel emotions rise up, or just get some doodles and feelings down on a page, journaling can transition you in to a better place by guiding you to self-discovery and healing.

The first thing to do is find yourself a gorgeous journal and pen that put you in the mood for writing.  But don’t wait to buy the perfect journal – don’t delay and procrastinate this – it’s just what you need. Honestly! What you choose can make all the difference in how motivated you are to actually do it.  Just like purchasing trendy athletic wear before you start hitting that dreaded treadmill again. Pick a journal that inspires you to fill the pages, but beware sometimes a beautiful journal makes it more difficult to start as no one wants to “mess up” the first page!

When I’m feeling low, lost, confused, or scared, my journal is a place for me to lay it all down.  Talk myself down from the highs of anxiety and really look at how ridiculous some of my insecurities and worries truly are.

The most beautiful part is…. You can be whoever you want to be when it’s just you and your journal.

I love the Kikki journal and after giving it as a present was given it by my girls last year. Here’s the link if you’re interested Kikki Gratitude Journal

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Linda x


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