Psychology states that the more miserable you are from inside, the happier you will appear on outside. 

The same concept goes with Social Media as well. Those who appear to be cool, happier, have lots of friends, etc. are the complete opposite in real life. They are mostly the ones who do not have any genuine friend to share the sadness with. 

Various researches and examples conducted on Twitter and Facebook have proven the same fact. People respond to their happy images by sharing the hidden fact about how miserable they were feeling that time when that particular happy photo was clicked.

But why is this so?

Why cool people aren’t really cool in their real lives? And if not, why do they appear cool online?

Ignorance is the bliss

The more you think about your sadness, the more it will haunt you.

And probable that is the reason why people ignore their inner feelings for some time and appear cool. Putting up happy and cool status on Social Media and Whatsapp are some of the ways to ignore the hard fact of life. 

And that totally helps. When you ignore the reality, your brain stops producing those chemicals which affect your mood. This way, even though for short time, if you appear to be cool on social media, you are feeling the same from within too. 


Sometimes, people have a reputation to live up to. Those who are at high positions in their lives, cannot reveal the hidden events going on in their lives. So while the personal happenings affect them severely, they need to put up a false facade just to maintain that high authority among people. 

So among them, appearing cool can most of the times be a false fact. 

Not just the high class, people expect certain kind of behavior from other people as well. They can be your parents, friends, foes, or anybody else. To live upto their image, they need to be cool.

In short, you can never know if a person is really happy or not. There can be multiple reasons why he is putting up a cool image, but is not the same in reality.